Introducing the Cubics Ambassador Program!

Introducing the Cubics Ambassador Program!

Become an Ambassador for Cubics and receive Lucrative Rewards for your Contributions such as free Land, Avatars, and CUBIC Tokens!

Token Rewards:

Every Cubics ambassador can submit a monthly list of other ambassadors to reward, with 500 to 2500 CUBIC tokens per individual, and a total max. of 10000 tokens. Every ambassador who submits a list is eligible to receive tokens (the sum of rewards, as distributed by others). An ambassador can only allocate rewards to other ambassadors. Token rewards are sent out the first week of the month. Lists should be submitted in plain text (see example below) via email to or on our private ambassador channels (TG/Discord).

Land & Avatar Rewards:

Sent out by the team during the year of 2022, afterwards through a dedicated community voting mechanism.

Example submission:

Ambassador A: 2500 CUBIC
Ambassador B: 1500 CUBIC
Ambassador C: 2500 CUBIC
Ambassador D: 1000 CUBIC
Ambassador E: 2500 CUBIC